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About Us

Dogs First.  No Exceptions.

Food contributes to wellness, or it contributes to illness.  

What my dogs eat, sourcing, which ingredients in which combinations, variations seasonally that make sense, heads, feet, carcass, tails... all land, air, and water proteins, the great produce dilemma, cooked or raw - it all fascinates me!  So I've spent the last seven years obsessing daily about how and where to find things I need to help a particular dog and then use what I learned to make our already great products even better.   Each week our farm partners provide a bounty of seasonally changing, completely clean and chemical free, unique ingredients and I get to figure out how they can best be utilized by the dogs I serve.  I never imagined how much fun, rewarding, and fulfilling it would be get to be a part of enhancing the lives and wellness of dogs of every shape and size!   

Texas Sourced.   Texas Made.    Products Sold Exclusively in TX and AR.

Consulting Services Available Nationwide so that, wherever you are, YOU can learn to do what we do here at Lucie's Legacy.  

Our Story

Changing the Way People Think About Feeding Their Dogs

About 24 years ago I read a book called The Nature of Animal Healing, written by Dr. Martin Goldstein DVM.  He talked about commercial dog food production, vaccinations, and introduced the idea of holistic pet care.  I was sickened, motivated, and hooked on doing better for my dogs Jerry and Lucie.  I promptly tossed two bags of kibble... right into the dumpster!   Since then I've had 15 dogs of my own, plus another 80 or so fosters, and served home cooked meals that became more sophisticated as the years passed.   In 2014, my little black lab mix Lucie was diagnosed with a liver adenoma and then hemangiosarcoma, despite being on good food most of her life.  She put herself on raw food, we pursued holistic and homeopathic therapies, never said the word cancer in front of her, and she outlived her expiration date by more than 3 years most of which were symptom free.   I left corporate America and a 17 year career in management consulting to start this business and be at home with her as she grew old... and every single thing I learned with her through her life and especially throughout her illness made motivated me to pursue excellence in sourcing, recipes, and individual ingredients and proportions to help her live not just longer but really well despite with the doctors predicted for her.   Every dog I've loved, and each dog I've served through Lucie's Legacy renews my commitment to excellence, service, and wellness through nutrition.

Meet The Team

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