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Our Clients

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Christie was a lifesaver when I found her years ago.  My dog Cooper had been gnawing his paws til they bled and was getting so many ear infections, sneezing and scratching all the time.  None of the cleaning, medication, or elimination food diet strategies worked!  Maya my other baby had severe seizures that became cluster seizures and the vet did lots of tests to determine the cause but couldn't figure it out.  I was at my wits end with trying to research and find supplements and foods that might help.  Then Christie came along and suggested AAT, Advanced allergy testing by a local vet - and turns out both of them had severe allergies to most foods so she worked with me to create a custom blend that worked for both of my dogs... human grade fresh ingredients not processed processed processed kibble.   We tweaked the recipe over and over and within a few weeks we saw major results from the diet change.  Copper was itch free and happy and over time Maya's seizures became less and less frequent - from multiple times a week to every few months, and now even less than that.  We switched from the custom cooked to a similar raw blend about 18 months ago and have never looked back.  My new rescue Penelope came home malnourished and very skinny, she took to the raw immediately and is super healthy!  Over the years Christie has become a dear friend and someone I always go to for guidance about dog stuff.   She is so knowledgeable and always willing to help.  Amazing!  Best dog food ever and my dogs love her!

-Lindsey Rosenberg, Austin TX


Thank you Christie Bailey for make of my puppy a Grand Champion!!  He enjoyed all the variety of food that you provided him during his competition time . He loved the treats and we are extremely happy with the result of a Great nutrition plan.   

-Sandra Betancourt, Houston TX

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My two rescues suffered from digestive issues from the time they were puppies. Traditional veterinary medicine dictated that de-wormers, antibiotics, and a bland canned diet followed by “prescription food” was the key. I was at my wits end until, through a networking community, I found Lucie’s Lucie's Legacy - Real Food For Dogs, Christie and Grady. Fresh, locally sourced, minimally processed ingredients, balanced full nutrition, easy to digest and no chemicals!  Problems solved. Christie is straight family. She is my guru. Bentley and Gretchen (and me as Momma) have been through such a transformation. Almost 2 years and counting. Happy. Healthy. Loved We are forever grateful.

-Bailey Watson, New Braunfels TX  

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