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Lucie's Legacy has partnered with Texas producers to source farmers market-quality proteins, produce, and interesting whole prey items we are proud to offer your dog!

This gorgeous Real County ranch offers grass fed, free range, antibiotic and steroid free bison meat to Texas humans at many local farmers markets.  Lucie's Legacy acquires trim, organ meat, various cuts and bones (think trachea!) from our friends Carson and John which become whole prey offerings and part of our Wild Game full meal blend.

— Nichols Family owned and operated


Producing good food lies at the heart of all operations at La Belle Vie.  Owner Perrine draws heavily on her French heritage to craft the foods of Belle Vie. Her palate and mastery of traditional French recipes create balanced and beautiful food harvested from the pastures her kitchen is surrounded by. Producers of muscovy duck, heritage chickens, and pork, and seasonally turkey and goose, La Belle Vie has been a long-term partner for Lucie's Legacy supplying our dogs with a wide variety of whole prey items (think heads, feet, wings, tails, carcass, fat, organs and eggs).

—  Owned and operated by Perrine and Aubrey Noelke


Zachary and Samantha Platt and along with our families, steward the land and animals of Behind the Oaks Farm.  Family owned since the 1970’s and Schertz, Texas.  Rasing cattle, turkeys, and chicken they are a long term parter of Lucie's Legacy suppling turkey and chicken meat, fat, skin, and a varity of whole prey items!

— Owned and operated by Zach and Samantha Platt


Iron Table Wagyu started as a humble ambition with a big goal. “Farm Raised”, and “Farm to Table” have never been just marketing phrases to us as we began breeding our first 100% Full Blood Wagyu cattle, DNA certified to Japan in 2019, and by 2020 we were solidifying our genetics to bring you an experience like no other.  A newer partner to Lucie's Legacy we acquire bones from Iron Table and are expanding our relationship as their operation grows.

— Owned and operated by the DiMeo and Tawater families


Permaculture practices make this operation unique for chickens, pigs and other animals living on a nearly closed loop system.  A long term partner we source eggs and some whole prey chicken items from owner Rob Cunningham and his fantastic staff.


Information coming soon, stay tuned!


Humble Rooster Farm is a family owned and operated farm located 40 minutes north-west of Austin, Texas.  Their birds are pasture-raised, soy free, corn free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, chemical-free, non-GMO and are supplemented with H and H Feed, a freshly milled Texas feed.  A very long term partner to Lucie's Legacy we acquire eggs used in our cooked and raw food blends, chicken heads and feet and some organ meat and whole prey items for our clients!

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That's all folks, just kidding. This is currently under construction, check back soon for an update. 


K & S Seafood started in 2008 by Scott and Kim Treaster. Scott makes quality control his personal mission by driving to the coast every Thursday to inspect the seafood. Freshness and quality are of utmost importance to the Treasters. If they won’t eat it, they won’t sell it.  A very long term parter of Lucie's Legacy we acquire fish heads for bone broth, fish trim, and a variety of whole prey items from their weekly fish board!


Owned by Carey Goetz this local favorite has been serving the best USDA prime steaks availble to its San Angelo TX area clients.   A long-term partner to Lucie's Legacy we acquire beef trim and tallow and our wonderful beef ribs from Lowake!

martin bacon.webp

Ethically and sustainably raised pork and poultry in Coupland, TX.  Debbie Martin and her son Connor are hard at work ensuring that their pork chops are always "the best you've ever had." A partner since 2021, we source pork, organs, high quality leaf fat, some produce, and whole prey items from this gorgeous Austin area operation.


Family owned and operated since 2006. Owen's is a wild game processing and taxidermy facility located in Ballinger Texas that became a processing partner to Lucie's Legacy in 2018.   Lucie's Legacy leverages their equipment, storage capacity, processing and packaging expertise and staff to produce owner Christie Baileys recipes and ingredients to perfection, still in small batches that do not exceed 300lbs.  This means bite by bite quality and consistency for our smallest clients!  We also buy bones, and exotic trim and scraps for our Wild Game blend!


— Owned and operated by our dear friends Hank & Dana Hethcock and Owen & Heidi Hethcock

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